Because where you book
Helping millions of people to reach their dream destinations for almost a decade
Since the beginning, Oojo has grown year-on-year by developing cutting-edge technologies that enable travelers to fly to any destination, while reducing their flight expenses. Having an exclusive partnership with world-class travel providers, Oojo has granted access to the most competitive wholesale airfares and private discounts. We believe that international travel has to be affordable for everyone, and we're here to help you find the best airfare bargains.
Bridging the world through its innovative technology and personalized service
Oojo isn't only about the low airfares. It's the leading platform to offer ads-free user experience with real-time rapid access to all-inclusive airfares. Empowered by cutting-edge AI technology and innovative flight search solutions, Oojo enables you to take advantage of the latest price drops as they happen by detecting and providing limited batches of deeply discounted fares, exactly when the airlines need to fill the empty seats. By continually optimizing our global product coverage and technical solutions, Oojo strives to provide flights and price data for various itinerary combinations returning the cheapest quotes where available.
Travel worldwide
Get flight deals with the best airlines to travel anywhere in the world.
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Receive real-time quotes and price-drop alerts from Oojo.
100% secure payment
With our safe booking and payment system your data security is guaranteed.
One-stop solution
Easy to use. No ads. Tailored customer service.
Creating a global one-stop solution, but acting locally for tailored customer experiences
While enjoying the convenience of the rapid search engine, personalized assistance is a plus for all Oojo clients. Unlike most online travel companies who care little about post-sale support, Oojo takes a lot of pride in its quality of service. Currently, over 1000 travel experts work to serve any customer’s needs in over 15 languages doing their best to create a great client experience from the start - only because where you book matters.